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About Us


The cpu wizard is a business blog which started in the 1 of July 2017 . This blog helps new business people and information seekers to know about what has to be done about business and many more other. 

 The cpu wizard was founded by Nseribetya Danny who is the main Author of all these posts on this website. The main reason as to why created this platform was to encourage those seeking the knowledge about business and many other cases of businesses, 

We analyze our posts depending on the difficulties people face and what we collect from the environment of people . We focus on what our people ask and what we get from different sources .

Our Vision
Our visionis to eradicate people from poverty and to educate those who need to know more about Business and to share ideas of how to boost their businesses.

The cpu wizard authour is Dan Witney and am the one typing this, I graduated from the University of Warwick Business School in United Kingdom, Feel free to share with us any thinyoug would like to know about  us or in case you need any assistance.

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